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    SubjectRe: [PATCH][REPOST] Don't export sched_mc_power_savings on multi-socket single core system

    * Mahesh Jagannath Salgaonkar <> wrote:

    > My previous post got lost somewhere in lkml list. Hence reposting
    > this patch again.

    no, it did not get lost, i gave you the feedback below more than a
    month ago. FYI, this resubmission has the same corrupted-patch


    ----- Forwarded message from Ingo Molnar <> -----

    Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2009 13:42:03 +0200
    From: Ingo Molnar <>
    To: Mahesh Jagannath Salgaonkar <>
    Subject: Re: [PATCH] Don't export sched_mc_power_savings on multi-socket
    single core system
    Cc: Linux Kernel <>,
    Suresh B Siddha <>,
    Venkatesh Pallipadi <>,,,, Peter Zijlstra <>

    * Mahesh Jagannath Salgaonkar <> wrote:

    > Fix to prevent sched_mc_power_saving from being exported through
    > sysfs for multi-scoket single core system. Max cores should be
    > always greater than one (1). My earlier patch that introduced fix
    > for not exporting 'sched_mc_power_saving' on laptops broke it on
    > multi-socket single core system. This fix addresses issue on both
    > laptop and multi-socket single core system. Below are the Test
    > results:

    > +#define mc_capable() (boot_cpu_data.x86_max_cores > 1) && \
    > + (cpumask_weight(cpu_core_mask(0)) != nr_cpu_ids)
    > #define smt_capable() (smp_num_siblings > 1)

    patch looks good but is whitespace damaged (all tabs were converted
    to spaces). See Documentation/email-clients.txt about how to set up
    your client.


    ----- End forwarded message -----

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