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SubjectRe: [patch 06/11 -mmotm] oom: move oom_adj value from task_struct to mm_struct
> > David, staging driver shold be standalone.
> > Please don't change core kernel for staging.
> >
> > if you merge it into mainline, I suggest to you help the driver graduate
> > staging.
> >
> Umm, all my patches apply fine against mainline since the Android
> lowmemorykiller is already in Linus' tree. This patch moves oomkilladj
> from struct task_struct to struct mm_struct and since that's used for
> procfs, the oom killer, and the Android lowmemorykiller, I need to modify
> all of them so the kernel will compile with

From technical view, your explanation seems good although I haven't
review your patch.
but this patch break staging driver rule. I don't like it.

IOW, if greg pull this patch into his staging tree, it might make
patch conflict against -mm tree in nearly future.

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