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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] driver-core: devtmpfs - driver core maintained /dev tmpfs
    > No tool ever has a chance to get to the information only available at
    > early kernel init. All such tools will need to "replay" what the
    > kernel already did. This is intended to save us from doing this, and
    > retain the information which is there, but lost at the moment the
    > tools have the first chance to run.

    Serious question - which is the better problem to fix ?

    > It's not about a sucking tool, its just impossible. And there is no
    > space wasted, it's a single string for a very few subsystems, an
    > nothing is stored per device.

    Plus code plus tmpfs nodes (the latter are not quite free because you
    create unneeded ones versus udev but I agree that is noise for most users)

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