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SubjectRe: [PATCH] acer-wmi: don't bother loading on unsupported systems
On Monday 06 April 2009 14:40:16 Jarod Wilson wrote:
> So have acer-wmi just bail on unsupported systems -- includes only my
> particular model of the Aspire One atm, but a larger list of unsupported
> systems can be found here:
> This might well become unnecessary once the WMI sysfs interface mentioned
> in acer-wmi.c exists and the wild-card dmi modalias is gone, but for now...
> I prefer to have working wireless, and this isn't exactly an obvious root
> cause. I lack the hardware to further extend the blacklist, but doing so is
> trivial. Whether or not loading acer-wmi actually negatively impacts
> machines other than the AAO is unknown at this time.


An equivalent patch to this was submitted to the ACPI tree two days ago (which
blacklists both the known Aspire One DMI entries) and is now upstream (and
will also be backported to the next stable release).;a=commit;h=a74dd5fdabcd34c93e17e9c7024eeb503c92b048

(The Aspire One is special as, unlike other Acer laptops which are
unsupported, it provides the ACPI-WMI inteface we're trying to match on, so it
really does have to be blacklisted - so WMI matching won't help in this
particular case).

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