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    SubjectRe: + 28.7: network timeouts for r8169 and 8139too
    On Wednesday 25 March 2009 12:40:18 Rui Santos wrote:
    > Francois Romieu wrote:
    > > Can you see if one of the attached patches or a combination of them
    > > makes a difference for the current (-git) kernel ?
    > >
    > I've concluded the tests. Unfortunately, the problem still remains.
    > However, with both, and only both patches applied, the connection speed
    > was higher and took longer, a lot longer to reproduce the problem but,
    > it did.

    I'm currently testing without any additional patches but
    with the pci=nomsi boot option.

    I didn't notice any hickups, yet. I'm running a stresstest on a GBit link for quite
    some time now. Earlier tests with older kernels and MSI burped earlier.

    I will do more testing. If it turns out this is stable I will test the same kernel
    with Message Signaled Interrupts to see if that causes some breakage.

    Greetings, Michael.

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