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SubjectRe: splice() on two pipes
On Wed, Apr 29 2009, Max Kellermann wrote:
> Hi,
> when I read about the splice() system call, I thought it was obvious
> that it could copy data between two pipes. I was surprised that this
> assumption is wrong, it's not possible on 2.6.29, I get EINVAL. Can
> anybody please explain this limitation?
> Background: I want to forward data between two subprocesses, which are
> connected to me with a pipe().
> I have attached a small test program which prints a table of supported
> splice operations. Here's the output on
> in\out pipe sock reg chr
> pipe no yes yes yes
> sock no no no no
> reg yes no no no
> chr no no no no

See sys_tee().

Jens Axboe

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