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SubjectQ: selinux_bprm_committed_creds() && signals/do_wait

rc = avc_has_perm()
if (rc) {

This doesn't look right. If the task was SIGKILL'ed we must not proceed,
the task should die. The fix is simple, we should check SIGNAL_GROUP_EXIT
and do nothing in this case, the task will exit before return to user
space. If SIGNAL_GROUP_EXIT is set, it is just wrong to drop SIGKILL and

But, before fixing, I'd like to understand why we are doing

flush_signal_handlers(current, 1);

later. Could someone explain ? This looks unneeded.

Another question,


Shouldn't we use ->real_parent ? Afaics, we shouldn't worry about the tracer
if current is ptraced, exec must not succeed if the tracer has no rights to
trace this task after cred changing. But we should notify ->real_parent which
is, well, real parent.

Also, we don't need _irq to take tasklist_lock, and we don't actually need


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