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    SubjectRe: how to properly post/disseminate kernel cleanup/janitorial possibilities?
    On Tue, 28 Apr 2009, Jiri Kosina wrote:

    > On Tue, 28 Apr 2009, Johannes Weiner wrote:
    > > > long story short, i have a *pile* of scripts and sub-scripts i'm
    > > > happy to run and post the results of since it takes practically
    > > > zero time on my part, i'm just open to what folks think is the
    > > > most productive way to do that, and also for any other scanning
    > > > i can add since, by now, any other patterns to scan for would
    > > > just represent adding a line or two to a script.
    > > > thoughts?

    > > Yes. I wonder why you take the time to generate the output and
    > > email it but then stop there instead of just sending patches?
    > >
    > >
    > > Perhaps Jiri can pick up some of the patches that remove stale
    > > config symbols, correct typos etc.
    > Absolutely. I'll happily apply anything trivial enough (typo fixes,
    > removal of obviously unused symbols/config options, etc).

    the *problem* is that, sometimes, it's not obvious. as in, when a
    Kconfig file has a pile of unused config options but it turns out that
    those were added for future consideration to match up with code that
    hasn't been added yet and the subsystem maintainer knows about it but
    wants it to stay (IMHO, a really bad idea -- adding kernel features in
    incomplete pieces, but whatever).

    in any event, my only point is that, sometimes, only the subsystem
    maintainer really knows how to resolve something that *looks*
    trivially resolvable or removable. IIRC, a simple observation on the
    unused symbols HAVE_READQ and HAVE_WRITEQ sparked a lengthy discussion
    that would never have happened if the "obvious" deletion on those
    symbols had been done.

    the right thing to do is not always obvious.


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