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    SubjectRE: [PATCH 05/15] arm: convert to use __HEAD and HEAD_TEXT macros.
    >> Does .head.text actually need its own output section here?
    > Probably not. Does the ARM build system massage the end result some way
    > looking for that .text.head section in the end? As you note, nobody else
    > cares, and the proper patch may be more along the lines of something
    > below.

    ia64 doesn't seem to care ... I changed the one use of .text.head
    to be just .text. There are a couple of new "section mismatches"
    (start_ap -> start_secondary and start_ap -> start_kernel), but
    it still boots.

    > Of course, most other architectures put the "init" section at the end, and
    > leave the HEAD_TEXT in the regular text section, but I suspect the ARM way
    > of laying things out (init text first) is probably better, since it allows
    > you to free that head code too.

    The start_ap code is still needed for hotplug cpu on ia64. So .text.init
    won't work for me.


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