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    SubjectRe: [Patch] Wait for console to become available, ver 3

    > Parallelization to improve boot times has been successful enough that race
    > conditions now exist between the init_post() open of /dev/console and
    > initialization of the console device. When this occurs, opening /dev/console
    > fails and any applications inherited from init have no standard in/out/error
    > devices. This is expected behavior if no console device is available, but
    > quite unfortunate in the case where the console is just a bit slow waking up.
    > Some buses, such as USB, offer no guarantees about how long it takes to
    > discover devices, so there is no reliable way to distinguish between a missing
    > console and a slow one. The pragmatic approach taken in this patch is to
    > wait for a while to see if a console shows up, and just go on if it doesn't.
    > The default delay is 1000 msec (1 second).
    > There are two new command line parameters:
    > consolewait Wait forever for a console to be registered
    > consoledelay=msec Use the given number of milliseconds as the delay
    > interval instead of the default

    Could you use rootfsdelay for this? Root needs to be mounted for init
    to run, so...?

    (cesky, pictures)

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