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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH 0/9] memcg soft limit v2 (new design)
* KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki <> [2009-04-03 17:08:35]:

> Hi,
> Memory cgroup's soft limit feature is a feature to tell global LRU
> "please reclaim from this memcg at memory shortage".
> This is v2. Fixed some troubles under hierarchy. and increase soft limit
> update hooks to proper places.
> This patch is on to
> mmotom-Mar23 + memcg-cleanup-cache_charge.patch
> + vmscan-fix-it-to-take-care-of-nodemask.patch
> So, not for wide use ;)
> This patch tries to avoid to use existing memcg's reclaim routine and
> just tell "Hints" to global LRU. This patch is briefly tested and shows
> good result to me. (But may not to you. plz brame me.)
> Major characteristic is.
> - memcg will be inserted to softlimit-queue at charge() if usage excess
> soft limit.
> - softlimit-queue is a queue with priority. priority is detemined by size
> of excessing usage.
> - memcg's soft limit hooks is called by shrink_xxx_list() to show hints.
> - Behavior is affected by vm.swappiness and LRU scan rate is determined by
> global LRU's status.
> In this v2.
> - problems under use_hierarchy=1 case are fixed.
> - more hooks are added.
> - codes are cleaned up.

The results seem good so far with some basic tests I've been doing.
I'll come back with more feedback, I would like to see this feature in
-mm soon.


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