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SubjectQ: ptrace_signal() && PTRACE_SETSIGINFO (Was: SIGSTOP && ptrace)

signr = current->exit_code;

/* Update the siginfo structure if the signal has
changed. If the debugger wanted something
specific in the siginfo structure then it should
have updated *info via PTRACE_SETSIGINFO. */

Yes. PTRACE_SETSIGINFO can change *info if debugger wants something
special. But then we do:

if (signr != info->si_signo) {
info->si_signo = signr;
info->si_errno = 0;
info->si_code = SI_USER;
info->si_pid = task_pid_vnr(current->parent);
info->si_uid = task_uid(current->parent);

Why? If the tracer changes ->exit_code it should know what it does.
Why do we reset *info?

But the real question, how can PTRACE_SETSIGINFO change ->si_signo
(for example, for do_signal_stop(si_signo)) if this in fact is not


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