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SubjectRe: [BUG] rbtree bug with mmotm 2009-04-14-17-24
On Wed, Apr 22 2009, Steve Wise wrote:
>>> No there are a few patches applied that are heading upstream, but one
>>> is in the NFS RDMA server which isn't loaded yet and the rest are in
>>> iw_cxgb3 (iwarp driver) which also hasn't loaded at the time we
>>> crash. NOTE: Out of 4 power cycles, one booted up ok, 3 hit the
>>> crash.
>> By the way, this one looks different from the last one I saw. So its
>> not consistently crashing in the same spot. The one I hit yesterday
>> (which I don't have the OOPs dump for was in rb_erase().
>> Steve.
> I'll start bisecting to isolate this.

Don't bother, I see what the bug is now. It's caused by commit
a36e71f996e25d6213f57951f7ae1874086ec57e and it's due to ->ioprio being
changed without the prio rb root being adjusted.

I'll provide a fix shortly.

Jens Axboe

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