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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Add MCE support to KVM
    On 04/20/09 10:26, Avi Kivity wrote:
    > Gerd Hoffmann wrote:
    >> The xen pv-on-hvm drivers use an msr to indicate "please place the
    >> hypercall page here". Handling that in kernel isn't an option IMHO.
    > The contents of the hypercall page are vendor specific. This can be
    > handled from userspace (though ideally we'd abstract the cpu vendor
    > away).

    Well, xenner doesn't do vmcalls, so the page isn't vendor specific. It
    looks different for 32bit / 64bit guests though. And it actually can be
    multiple pages (with one msr write per page). So the interface for
    in-kernel handling would be more complex than "here is a hypercall page
    for you".

    > The Hyper-V hypercall page is more problematic, as it's specified to
    > be an overlay; the page doesn't have to exist in guest RAM.

    In userspace it should be easy to handle though as qemu can just create
    a new memory slot, right?


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