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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Add MCE support to KVM
Gerd Hoffmann wrote:
>> Right now everything in the vcpu is emulated in the kernel. Everything
>> else is emulated either in the kernel (irqchip) or in userspace. This
>> makes things easier to understand, and is more future friendly if more
>> cpu features become virtualized by hardware.
>> While these are not compelling reasons, they at least lean the balance
>> in favour of a kernel implementation.
> The xen pv-on-hvm drivers use an msr to indicate "please place the
> hypercall page here". Handling that in kernel isn't an option IMHO.

The contents of the hypercall page are vendor specific. This can be
handled from userspace (though ideally we'd abstract the cpu vendor
away). The Hyper-V hypercall page is more problematic, as it's
specified to be an overlay; the page doesn't have to exist in guest RAM.

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