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SubjectRe: [Squashfs-devel] [PATCH] squashfs broken when pageszie > blocksize
Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:

> A quick grep on PAGE_{SIZE,SHIFT} in asm/page.h shows:
> ia64, mips, sh: 4/8/16/64 KiB
> parisc: 4/16/64 KiB
> alpha, cris: 8 KiB
> powerpc: 4/16/64/256 KiB
>> For completeness there should also be a mount time check that
>> the block size used in the Squashfs filesystem is at least as
>> large as the pagesize. This doesn't matter for metadata
>> (size 8192), but does matter for data blocks, because Squashfs
>> read_page doesn't handle block_size < pagesize.
>> Squashfs read_page used to handle block_size < pagesize but I
>> removed that code when I removed filesystem support for block_sizes
>> < 4K. If ia64 users (or any other architecture with larger than
>> 4K pagesizes) want to use Squashfs filesystems with blocksizes less
>> than their pagesize, then I can put that code back in.
> So I think it's a good idea to resurrect that code...

Yes, something else to add to my ASAP TODO list.


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