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    SubjectRe: EXT4-ish "fixes" in UBIFS
    On Thu, 2 Apr 2009, Trenton D. Adams wrote:
    > Oh, I should have clarified. It improves performance under heavy
    > load. Under normal load, mounting without sync is fine. What I tend
    > to do is mount with "remount,rw,sync" when heavy load is starting.

    Really? How does mounting with "-o sync" *improve* performance? I am
    certainly aware that mounting with "-o sync" has severe performance
    impacts, but was proposing it anyway *only* to tackle the data integrity
    problem. However, I'm curious if usescaes in the embedded world are
    equally affected by this.

    > I'm thinking of writing a script that monitors performance, and
    > remounts as needed, lol. WHAT A HACK. hehe. brain hurts :-\

    Bruce Schneier once found three distinct natural number divisors of a prime

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