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    SubjectRe: make headers_install broken for ARCH=m68k in 2.6.29-rc7.
    On Thursday 02 April 2009 16:59:26 Lennart Sorensen wrote:
    > On Wed, Apr 01, 2009 at 09:14:05PM -0500, Rob Landley wrote:
    > > uClibc's working for me just fine. Either grab the most recent build
    > > scripts from or grab the prebuilt
    > > binaries from (which has
    > > cross compilers, root filesystem tarballs, and system images bootable by
    > > qemu).
    > >
    > > I haven't tested m68k yet because qemu doesn't support it (just
    > > coldfire), and aranym hasn't got a serial console, but it did compile
    > > using the same build scripts as all the other targets...
    > Well my uclibc issues using are:
    > When using msh from busybox compiled with gcc 4.3.3 for m68k-uclinux with

    Here I'm using bash 2.05b, using gcc 4.2.1 (last gplv2 release), building the
    with-mmu target, and I haven't actually got a test environment to boot the
    result in working yet, so yeah.

    GPLv3 is to GPLv2 what Attack of the Clones is to The Empire Strikes Back.

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