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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/4] ksm - dynamic page sharing driver for linux v3
> As everyone knows, my favourite thing is to say nasty things about any
> new feature that adds complexity to common code. I feel like crying to
> hear about how many more instances of MS Office we can all run, if only
> we apply this patch. And the poorly written HPC app just sounds like
> scrapings from the bottom of justification barrel.
> I'm sorry, maybe I'm way off with my understanding of how important
> this is. There isn't too much help in the changelog. A discussion of
> where the memory savings comes from, and how far does things like
> sharing of fs image, or ballooning goes and how much extra savings we
> get from this... with people from other hypervisors involved as well.
> Have I missed this kind of discussion?


I don't know about other hypervisors, fs and balloonings, but I have
tried this out. It works. It works on apps I don't consider, "poorly
written". I'm very excited about this. I got >10% saving in a
roughly off the shelf embedded system. No user noticeable performance

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