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    SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 1/1] ftrace, workqueuetrace: Make workqueue tracepoints use TRACE_EVENT macro

    * Zhaolei <> wrote:

    > +TRACE_EVENT(workqueue_insertion,
    > +TRACE_EVENT(workqueue_execution,
    > +TRACE_EVENT(workqueue_creation,
    > +TRACE_EVENT(workqueue_destruction,

    I'm missing all the worklet tracepoints i suggested. (and i think
    which you had in earlier versions)

    Basically, i'd suggest the following complete set of events instead:

    TRACE_EVENT(workqueue_flush /* NEW */

    TRACE_EVENT(worklet_enqueue /* NEW */
    TRACE_EVENT(worklet_enqueue_delayed /* NEW */

    TRACE_EVENT(worklet_execute /* instead of workqueue_execution */
    TRACE_EVENT(worklet_complete /* NEW */

    TRACE_EVENT(worklet_cancel /* NEW */

    This allows the understanding of the life cycle of a workqueue and
    of worklets that enter that workqueue. Note the distinction between
    workqueue and worklet (work) - that is essential.

    The parameters of the events are obvious, with one detail: i'd
    suggest a 'cpu' parameter to the enqueue events, to allow the
    mapping of the _on(..cpu) variants too.

    I would not bother with schedule_on_each_cpu() instrumentation -
    it's rarely used.


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