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SubjectRe: Input driver for Twinhan USB 6253:0100 remote control
On Wed, 15 Apr 2009, Mark Lord wrote:

> > Yes, hid-belking is a good example of trivial driver that sits on a HID bus
> > for you, as it utilizes the ->input_mapping() callback, which is probably
> > the only callback from HID core you'd need.
> Actually, the input-mapping() alone won't do the job here.
> This Twinhan remote control sends single-byte codes for most buttons,
> but some buttons send multi-byte codes, and we have to discard the
> extraneous bytes somehow.

If the usages make it through the generic HID layer (depends on the report
descriptor of the device), then just registering hid_driver with ->event()
set to your callback and fixing this on the fly could be enough.

Jiri Kosina

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