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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86/pci: make pci_mem_start to be aligned only
    Le Tuesday 14 April 2009 23:10:38 Linus Torvalds, vous avez écrit :
    > The reason? We've definitely seen ACPI code or integrated graphics stuff
    > that steals a lot of memory at the end, which means that end-of-RAM might
    > be not at 2GB, but at 2GB-16MB-1MB, for example (1MB of "ACPI data", and
    > 16MB of "stolen video ram").

    Good evening (UTC+0200),

    First, I must say that I don't understand 99% of the technical details of this
    discussion. I'm only the bug reporter. ;-)

    There's one thing about my computer that may affect, or maybe cause this bug.
    There's no need to make possibly harmful change to the kernel only to fix it on
    a few machines with buggy bioses.

    My computer is an Asus M51Se laptop with an HD3470 graphic card. This card is
    an "hypermemory" one with 256MB dedicated RAM and up to 1GB with shared
    memory. The problem is that I don't know how the computer assigns main memory
    to the card. There is nothing in the bios to indicate the amount of shared
    memory (and Asus did not answer my questions).

    Once again, I'm not an expert, so if this details are not important, please
    forgive me.



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