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SubjectRe: [RFC -tip] x86: do_IRQ - send APIC EOI for x86-32 on irq without handler v3

* Cyrill Gorcunov <> wrote:

> Ingo, I've checked the sources and as far as I see
> we could NOP'ify apic->write indeed but I have
> an internal feeling that this will bring us more problem
> in future (for example it could be the following scenario:
> some screwed APIC would require cleaning of LVT's or
> IRR after resume regardless if it was initialized
> or not at all). Mostly I mean that the idea of making
> apic->write NOP'ified is quite elegant indeed but
> cut off the subset of apic operations (we need
> apic->read anyway) somehow bothering me from inside :)

it's as if assigned a special type of 'dummy apic' struct apic. It
wont cause problems down the line: we use the new APIC driver
infrastructure to abstract out quirks.

one small detail:

> +/* Ack APIC irq if it's enabled only */
> +static inline void ack_APIC_irq_safe(void)
> +{
> + if (cpu_has_apic)
> + ack_APIC_irq();
> +#endif

we dont need the cpu_has_apic check there, do we? In the
!cpu_has_apic the ->write method should be a dummy.

> -#ifdef CONFIG_X86_64
> - if (!disable_apic)
> - ack_APIC_irq();
> -#endif
> -
> + ack_APIC_irq_safe();

Please keep the ack_APIC_irq() name - it is inherently safe to call
it if we always give it a meaningful ->write method.


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