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SubjectRe: [patch 00/35] Jeff's ReiserFS Patch Queue
On Wed, Apr 01, 2009 at 06:51:36PM +0200, Frederic Weisbecker wrote:
> > I'll let Frederic describe it but AFAIK the patch is working fine
> > with the BKL as a mutex and no lockdep complaints or lockups. The
> > main focus is now on finding the performance affecting spots,
> > because Frederic's main desktop is on reiserfs and he does not
> > accept a slowdown :)
> Hehe :-)
> No actually I would accept a tiny slowdown but I fear that the common
> reiserfs users wouldn't.

We run big(ish) imap servers with up to 80 reiserfs partitions
spread over a bunch of SCSI or SAS attached external drive units.
I'm actually surprised that the BKL isn't causing us much pain
(load is amazingly low considering how many users are on these
boxes - at least now that we have 32Gb RAM and 64 bit kernels).

Are you still using an "entire reiserfs subsystem" mutex, or
per-filesystem locking? If it's per filesystem, then I suspect
we'll be big fans!

> I'm still working on this and once it's ready enough for an RFC patch,
> I'll explain how is done the conversion to a mutex.
> Stay tuned.

Sure will!



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