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SubjectRe: Detailed Stack Information Patch [2/3]

* Stefani Seibold <> wrote:

> + default y
> + depends on PROC_STACK
> + bool "Enable /proc/stackmon detailed stack monitoring"
> + help
> + This enables detailed monitoring of process and thread stack
> + utilization via the /proc/stackmon interface.
> + Disabling these interfaces will reduce the size of the kernel by
> + approximately 2kb.

Hm, i'm not convinced about this one. Stupid question: what's wrong
with ulimit -s?

Also, if for some reason you dont want to (or cannot) enforce a
system-wide stack size ulimit, or it has some limitation that makes
it impractical for you - if we add what i suggested to the
/proc/*/maps files, your user-space watchdog daemon could scan those
periodically and report any excesses and zap the culprit ... right?


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