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    SubjectRe: [patch -mm] cpusets: add memory_slab_hardwall flag
    On Mon, 9 Mar 2009, Paul Menage wrote:

    > Another thought - it would probably be better to call this flag
    > kernel_mem_hardwall or mem_hardwall_kernel, to avoid hard-coding its
    > name to be slab-specific.

    The change only affects slab allocations, it doesn't affect all kernel
    memory allocations. With slub, for example, allocations that are larger
    than SLUB_MAX_ORDER (was formerly PAGE_SIZE) simply use compound pages
    from the page allocator where the cpuset memory policy was already

    While there are a few different options for slab allocators in mainline
    and slqb on the way, these are still generally referred to as "slab"
    allocations regardless of which one is configured.

    Prefixing the name with `memory_' just seemed natural considering the
    tunables already in place such as memory_spread_page and
    memory_spread_slab. The user also already understands `hardwall' since
    mem_hardwall has existed for quite some time.

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