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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Remove struct mm_struct::exe_file et al
    On March 23rd Alexey Dobriyan <> wrote:
    > Commit 925d1c401fa6cfd0df5d2e37da8981494ccdec07 aka "procfs task exe symlink".
    > introduced struct mm_struct::exe_file and struct mm_struct::num_exe_file_vmas.
    > The rationale is weak: unifying MMU and no-MMU version of /proc/*/exe
    > code. For this a) struct mm_struct becomes bigger, b) mmap/munmap/exit become
    > slower, c) patch adds more code than removes in fact. ->exe_file maybe well

    Your patch adds a VMA walk with the mmap semaphore held when openning
    /proc/*/exe. That gives unrelated tasks the opportunity to contend on each
    others mmap semaphores just by doing a readlink on /proc/*/exe.

    Did you have any measurements to report showing an improvement in performance
    with your patch or are you expecting it to be "slower" based purely on code

    (Which reminds me of this thread: )

    > defined, but doesn't make sense always. After original executable is unmapped,
    > /proc/*/exe will still report it and, more importantly, pin corresponding
    > struct file. ->num_exe_file_vmas is even worse -- it just counts number of

    ->exe_file does not pin the file. It uses the num_exe_file_vmas count to drop
    the mm->exe_file reference when the last executable VMA is gone. Since
    MAP_EXECUTABLE (and hence VM_EXECUTABLE) is only applied to the first executable
    file opened during exec (stored in ->exe_file) and since userspace can't use it
    (the mmap syscall code masks it out), num_exe_file_vmas counts VMAs related to

    So ->exe_file does not pin the file any more or less than the old VMA does...

    > executable file-backed VMAs even if those VMAs aren't related to ->exe_file.

    and this part of your argument is incorrect as well.

    > After commit 8feae13110d60cc6287afabc2887366b0eb226c2 aka
    > "NOMMU: Make VMAs per MM as for MMU-mode linux" no-MMU kernels also
    > maintain list of VMAs in ->mmap, so we can switch back for MMU version
    > of /proc/*/exe.

    Unless the executable is fully unmapped ->exe_file won't change even if
    something else manages to get mapped at a lower address. In contrast, the MMU
    version is sensitive to changes in the order of the VMAs over the lifetime of
    the task. It has worked in the past because MAP_EXECUTABLE only gets applied
    during exec, MAP_EXECUTABLE can only be applied by the kernel, all binary
    format handlers place the executable low in the mmap, and nothing else
    maps MAP_EXECUTABLE regions. While ->exe_file still relies on
    MAP_EXECUTABLE, it does not care about the mapped address because it
    does not walk the VMAs.

    -Matt Helsley

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