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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/3] utrace-based ftrace "process" engine, v2
    > I do have a really large objection of merging the current messy double
    > ptrace implementation. If current utrace based ptrace isn't 100% ready
    > there's absolutely no point in merging it.

    There is no "current" utrace-ptrace implementation. I haven't proposed
    one for merging. When one is ready and working, we can discuss its actual
    technical details then.

    > Other user would be even better, e.g. the seccomp rewrite.

    The seccomp rewrite is a very simple user for which I have a prototype
    patch. (It needs testing, but that should be easy enough.) The only
    real complexity there is in deciding how to merge those changes.
    Its components are:

    * clean up Kconfig
    * remove old arch/asm hooks
    ** mips
    ** powerpc
    ** sh
    ** sparc
    ** x86
    * replace kernel/seccomp.c with utrace-based one

    Except for the first one, doing it in small incremental changes would
    leave some intermediate states with no seccomp feature usable in the
    tree. (And, of course, CONFIG_SECCOMP will require CONFIG_UTRACE
    thereafter.) Please advise on how many pieces to slice it into and
    how to stage the merging.


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