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SubjectRe: 2.6.29 on MacBook 2,1 fails to reboot
Okay, I'm thoroughly confused on my git bisect results.  It doesn't
appear to be working for me at all. Either way, the problem is with
shutting down ALSA. It refuses to shut down. If I shut it down
manually, before rebooting, it also refuses to shutdown. I can then
reboot, and it will force a kill of ALSA.

Anyhow, any ideas on git stuff? I just don't git it. :P

I get this far...
git bisect start
# bad: [8e0ee43bc2c3e19db56a4adaa9a9b04ce885cd84] Linux 2.6.29
git bisect bad 8e0ee43bc2c3e19db56a4adaa9a9b04ce885cd84
# good: [4a6908a3a050aacc9c3a2f36b276b46c0629ad91] Linux 2.6.28
git bisect good 4a6908a3a050aacc9c3a2f36b276b46c0629ad91
# bad: [2774de17ba65130165a2cbca92e5a685581f7916] Staging: benet:
build is broken unless CONFIG_NETPOLL is enabled
git bisect bad 2774de17ba65130165a2cbca92e5a685581f7916
# bad: [ba744d5e290055d171c68067259fcc1e2721f542] block: reorder
struct bio to remove padding on 64bit
git bisect bad ba744d5e290055d171c68067259fcc1e2721f542
# bad: [54a696bd07c14d3b1192d03ce7269bc59b45209a] Merge
git bisect bad 54a696bd07c14d3b1192d03ce7269bc59b45209a
# bad: [bb26c6c29b7cc9f39e491b074b09f3c284738d36] Merge branch
'for-linus' of git://
git bisect bad bb26c6c29b7cc9f39e491b074b09f3c284738d36
# bad: [a65056205cdf7efb96fb2558e4f1ec6bae2582ed] Merge branch
'topic/hda' into to-push
git bisect bad a65056205cdf7efb96fb2558e4f1ec6bae2582ed

Then, I mark the current (something in 2.6.28) one as good...
# good: [86b3aa390b4b9925f16a21b98441fd7abdb9fff2] Merge branch
'topic/ca0106' into to-push
git bisect good 86b3aa390b4b9925f16a21b98441fd7abdb9fff2

And I get this...
tdamac linux # git bisect good
Bisecting: 89 revisions left to test after this
[b83923a3931a43df7397a7491f0c9d9b9d46624a] ALSA: hda - minor HDMI code cleanups
tdamac linux # make kernelversion

So, if I mark that as good (arbitrarily because it's pre 2.6.28 which
I assume is good), it jumps back to pre 2.6.28 release
tdamac linux # git bisect good
Bisecting: 46 revisions left to test after this
[0ff555192a8d20385d49d1c420e2e8d409b3c0da] Merge branch 'fix/hda' into topic/hda
tdamac linux # make kernelversion

And, if I mark the 2.6.27 one as bad, it just remains on 2.6.27.

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