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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH] memcg soft limit (yet another new design) v1
Balbir Singh wrote:
> * KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki <> [2009-03-27
> 13:59:33]:

>> When vm.swappiness = 60 => 60MB of memory are swapped out from B.
>> When vm.swappiness = 10 => 1MB of memory are swapped out from B
>> If no soft limit, 350MB of swap out will happen from B.(swapiness=60)
> How did you calculate the swap usage of group B?
memsory.memsw.usage_in_bytes - memory.usage_in_bytes.

>> I'll try much more complexed ones in the weekend.
> You might want to try experiments where the group with the higher soft
> limit starts much later than the group with lower soft limit and both
> have a high demand for memory. Also try corner cases such as soft
> limits being 0, or groups where soft limits are equal, etc.
thx, good input. maybe I need some hook in "set soft limit" path.

> We have a long weekend, so I've been unable to test/review your
> patches. I'll do so soon if possible.
thank you.

> --
> Balbir

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