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    Subject2.6.28.9: EXT2-fs error
    _not_ in LKML and feedback only

    - Intel Core 2 Dual 6320 1866MHz, 4096kB L2 cache, 4GB RAM
    - HD Hitachi 1TB, 32MB on-board memory, ext2
    - minimal (only ext2 & minix) static kernel
    - updated Slackware 12.2

    - cdrecord interrupted with many Ctrl-C
    - machine hangs long time, no response
    - then many, many messages
    EXT2-fs error (device sda1): ext2_get_inode: unable to read inode block
    - inode=46612508, block=186449923
    - then one line
    EXT2-fs error (device sda1): ext2_free_branches: Read failure,
    inode=46612508, block=186449923
    - then no more reaction, Ultima Ratio: Power Switch

    Tried the same on a second machine, 100% identical HW and SW
    - cdrecord interrupted with many Ctrl-C
    - machine hangs for ever, no response
    - no error messages on this machine
    - after 30 minutes, Ultima Ratio: Power Switch
    - after the fsck, the machine didn't reboot, asked for a extra manual fsck
    - now rebooted as usual

    Kind regards
    Mario Vanoni

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