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    SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH] memcg soft limit (yet another new design) v1
    * KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki <> [2009-03-27 13:59:33]:

    > ==brief test result==
    > On 2CPU/1.6GB bytes machine. create group A and B
    > A. soft limit=300M
    > B. no soft limit
    > Run a malloc() program on B and allcoate 1G of memory. The program just
    > sleeps after allocating memory and no memory refernce after it.
    > Run make -j 6 and compile the kernel.
    > When vm.swappiness = 60 => 60MB of memory are swapped out from B.
    > When vm.swappiness = 10 => 1MB of memory are swapped out from B
    > If no soft limit, 350MB of swap out will happen from B.(swapiness=60)

    I ran the same tests, booted the machine with mem=1700M and maxcpus=2

    Here is what I see with

    A has a swapout of 344M and B has not swapout at all, since B is
    always under its soft limit. vm.swappiness is set to 60

    I think the above is more along the lines of the expected functional behaviour.


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