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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/3] Ext3 latency improvement patches
    Theodore Tso wrote:
    > OTOH, the really big databases will tend to use direct I/O, so they
    > won't be dirtying the page cache anyway. So maybe it's not worth the

    Not necessarily... From what I understand, a lot of the individual
    low-level components in cloud storage, such as GoogleFS's chunk
    server[1] do not bypass the page cache, even though they do care about
    the details of data caching and data consistency.

    I am looking at the same areas for my own distributed storage work, and
    am finding that the current crop of Linux-specific,
    database/server-friendly syscalls permit more application control over
    pagecache usage than in past years, decreasing the need for O_DIRECT.
    Things like readahead(2), sync_file_range(2), fadvise(3), really help.



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