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SubjectRe: epoll_ctl and const correctness
nicolas sitbon wrote:
> Do you read my post? there is a confusion, my question was first : why
> the structure isn't const? and you answer me. ok. second, I asked if
> the kernel keep track of this structure, that is, it keeps a pointer
> on it for doing his job? according to your last answer, no. last
> question : why the size type of the first parameter of epoll_create is
> int and not size_t? no answer for the moment.

Why can't you ask all your questions at once?

The answer to your last one is in the manpage. size_t, as
name suggests, is used for sizes of various memory regions,
in bytes. Here, we're dealing with something else, not bytes.

And probably the next question will be of the sort why the argument
is named 'event' and not 'Event' or 'EventPtr', and why there's no
space after the star character... Oh well.


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