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SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.29
> > Far too many people don't - and it is unfortunate but people should learn
> > to write quality software.
> You're ignoring reality.
> Your definition of "quality software" is PURE SH*T.

Actually "pure sh*t" is most of the software currently written. The more
code I read the happier I get that the lawmakers are finally sick of it
and going to make damned sure software is subject to liability law. Boy
will that improve things.

> Alan, just please face that reality, and think about it for a moment. If
> fsync() was instantaneous, this discussion wouldn't exist. But read the
> thread. We're talking 3-5s under NORMAL load, with peaks of minutes.

The peaks of minutes is a bug. The 3-5 seconds is the thread discussion.


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