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    SubjectRe: epoll_ctl and const correctness
    Please, can anyone answer me, I need a response.

    2009/3/25 nicolas sitbon <>:
    > You don't teach me anything, I know that, the fact is the
    > documentation is incomplete, so rather saying that, please answer my
    > questions. For the moment, only the documenation and the prototype of
    > epoll are buggy.
    > 2009/3/25 Jeremy Fitzhardinge <>:
    >> nicolas sitbon wrote:
    >>> valgrind confirms this
    >>> behaviour, so am I wrong?
    >> That doesn't prove very much.  Unlike usermode code, Valgrind doesn't
    >> instrument the kernel, so it computes the side-effects of kernel operations
    >> by parsing the syscall stream and simulating the effect.  (That is to say,
    >> it strengthens your argument somewhat, but valgrind's handling of this
    >> syscall could be buggy.)
    >>>  or the good prototype is
    >>> int epoll_ctl(int epfd, int op, int fd, struct epoll_event const *event);
    >> Putting "const" first is conventional.
    >>   J
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