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    SubjectRe: relatime: update once per day patches (was: ext3 IO latency measurements)
    On Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 10:48:43AM -0700, Andrew Morton wrote:

    > Oh, the feature itself is desirable. But the interface isn't.
    > - It's a magic number. Maybe someone runs tmpwatch twice per day, or
    > weekly, or...

    There has to be a default. 24 hours is a sensible one.

    > - That's fixable by making "24" tunable, but it's still a global
    > thing. Better to make it per-fs.

    Patches welcome.

    > - mount(8) is the standard way of tuning fs behaviour. There's no
    > need to deviate from that here.

    Patches welcome.

    When did we adopt a mindset that led to code having to satisfy every
    single user requirement before being accepted, rather than being happy
    with code that provides an incremental improvement over what exists
    already? If there are actually users who want to be able to tune this
    per filesystem then I'm sure someone (possibly even me) will write code
    to support them, but right now it just sounds like features for the sake
    of some sense of aesthetic correctness.

    Matthew Garrett |

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