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SubjectRe: relatime: update once per day patches (was: ext3 IO latency measurements)
On Thursday 26 March 2009, Theodore Tso wrote:
> I thought at least some distro's were adding relatime by default; I
> could be wrong, but I thought Ubuntu was doing this. Personally, I
> actually think that if we're going to give up on POSIX, I'll go all
> the way to noatime since it helps even more.

They indeed do have relatime by default, but *only because* they have the
additional patch with the 24 hour limit in their kernel [1]. The same is
true for Fedora IIUC.

Debian would like to activate it by default as well for new installations,
but has so far been blocked from doing that because our kernel team has a
policy of not including patches that are not upstream (or at least, in
the process of being included upstream). And the Debian Installer team
has so far felt that it would be irresponsible of activating it by
default without this safeguard.


linux (2.6.24-12.18) hardy; urgency=low
* build/configs: Enable relatime config option for all flavors

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