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SubjectRe: Credit for vsprintk work

On Wed, 25 Mar 2009, Steven Rostedt wrote:

> Frederic,
> $ git blame lib/vsprintf.c |grep 'Frederic Weisbecker' | wc -l
> 542
> You did a hell of a lot of work on vsprintf.c, and you are still too
> modest to put in a copyright at the top.
> I know some people think that git is good enough for ownership. But
> really, the amount of changes that you did in vsprintf.c deserves a bit of
> credit in the source file.
> Is everyone OK if a copyright goes at the top of this file giving credit
> to Frederic? If for anything else, it will facilitate people to find who
> broke it if it breaks ;-)
> I think Frederic should send one more patch to add his copyright. That is,
> of course, if Frederic wants too.
> Note, Frederic did not ask me to post this. In fact, this is the first
> time he's seen this complaint. I'm posting this because I was showing this
> code to some students at a University and when I wanted to point out
> who wrote it, I was surprised that Frederic's name was not mentioned.
> I was looking at the code via LXR so git was not helpful here.

Lai also did this work too, so I recommend adding something like:

* Binary printk modifications, copyright 2009:
* Frederic Weisbecker <>
* Lai Jiangshan <>

Or something similar.

-- Steve

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