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SubjectRe: Microblaze linux support
Hi all,
> Hi all,
> I think that is the right time to send you next pack with
> Microblaze support. It is seventh pack - some previous packs
> was review by community and I hope there are not any big faults.
> We tested this kernel on some boards.
> We have GIT server up and gitweb is available at
> All information about git clone you can find on gitweb.
> This pack is available in for-linus branch. Information about other branches are on gitweb too.
> More information about microblaze fdt kernel you can find at
> If you want to test kernel with microblaze toolchain let me know.
> I added only uart16550 and uartlite support - that's enought for first merge.
> Thanks for you comments and especially for your ACK,
> Michal
It is a week ago when I sent v7 pack to LKML for reviewing.

I have got ACK from John Williams who is the best person from microblaze
linux community.
I got ACK from Randy Dunlap for Kconfig and Makefile patches.
Thomas Gleixner reviewed IRQ and Timer code.
Ingo Molnar confirms me that all coding style violation (checking with are false positive.

John L: Could you give me ACK from Xilinx?


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Michal Simek, Ing. (M.Eng)
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