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    SubjectRe: Revert "gro: Fix legacy path napi_complete crash", (was: Re: Linux 2.6.29)

    (netdev Cc:-ed)

    * Ingo Molnar <> wrote:

    > Yesterday about half of my testboxes (3 out of 7) started getting
    > weird networking failures: their network interface just got stuck
    > completely - no rx and no tx at all. Restarting the interface did
    > not help.

    > I've attached the reproducer (non-SMP) .config. The system has:

    Note, the .config is randconfig derived. There was a stage of the
    tests when about every ~5-10th randconfig was failing, so i dont
    think it's a rare config combo that triggers this. (but there were
    other stages where 30 randconfig in a row went fine so it's hard to

    In the worst case the hang needed 2 million packets to trigger -
    that's why i set the limit in the tests to 6 million packets.


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