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SubjectRe: [Openipmi-developer] Improving IPMI performance under load
Martin Wilck wrote:
> Hi Corey,
> yesterday I posted some results about the IPMI performance under CPU
> load, which can be up to 25 times slower than in an idle system. I think
> it might be worthwhile to try to improve that behavior as well.
Yes, that would be expected, as kipmid would never be scheduled in a
busy system, and it would just be the timer driving things.

> I made a variation of my patch which introduces a second parameter
> (kipmid_min_busy) that causes kipmid not to call schedule() for a
> certain amount of time. Thus if there's IPMI traffic pending, kipmid
> will busy-loop for kipmid_min_busy seconds, then starting to schedule()
> in each loop as it does now, and finally go to sleep when
> kipmid_max_busy is reached. At the same time, I changed the nice value
> of kipmid from 19 to 0.
I would guess that changing the nice value is the main thing that caused
the difference. The other changes probably didn't make as big a difference.

> With this patch and e.g. min_busy=100 and max_busy=200, there is no
> noticeable difference any more between IPMI performance with and without
> CPU load.
> The patch + results still need cleanup, therefore I am not sending it
> right now. Just wanted to hear what you think.
I'm ok with tuning like this, but most users are probably not going to
want this type of behavior.


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