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SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.29

* Alan Cox <> wrote:

> > > I have not had this problem since I applied Arjan's (for some reason
> > > repeatedly rejected) patch to change the ioprio of the various writeback
> > > daemons. Under some loads changing to the noop I/O scheduler also seems
> > > to help (as do most of the non default ones)
> >
> > (link would be useful)
> "Give kjournald a IOPRIO_CLASS_RT io priority"
> October 2007 (yes its that old)

thx. A more recent submission from Arjan would be:

Resolution was that Tytso indicated it went into some sort of ext4
patch queue:

| I've ported the patch to the ext4 filesystem, and dropped it into
| the unstable portion of the ext4 patch queue.
| ext4: akpm's locking hack to fix locking delays

but 6 months down the line and i can find no trace of this upstream


The thing is ... this is a _bad_ ext3 design bug affecting ext3
users in the last decade or so of ext3 existence. Why is this issue
not handled with the utmost high priority and why wasnt it fixed 5
years ago already? :-)

It does not matter whether we have extents or htrees when there are
_trivially reproducible_ basic usability problems with ext3.


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