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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/3] xvmalloc memory allocator
    Pekka Enberg wrote:
    > On 3/20/2009, "Christoph Lameter" <> wrote:
    >>> I think, with a bit playing around with interfaces, it can be turned into
    >>> general purpose allocator (this will most probably lack highmem support).
    >> Then it would need to implement the SLAB api (see include/linux/slab.h).
    >> Thus we are getting slab allocator #5.
    > I do not see the point in that. As I suggested earlier, you should
    > probably just move this into drivers/block/ and make it a private
    > compcache allocator.

    Your wish. But, really, we should not dismiss an O(1) allocator with great
    space-efficiency so easily. I think it will be great at least for embedded
    devices (its counterpart, SLOB is simply funny).

    Just to add to this, Xen recently included a variant of TLSF allocator
    which was used in earlier versions of compcache. TLSF is allocator on
    which xvmalloc is based.
    (Though I do not know which parts of xen depend on this allocator).

    and xvmalloc vs tlsf arguments are here:


    Anyways, I will move it to drivers/block.


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