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SubjectRe: lockdep and threaded IRQs (was: ...)

* David Brownell <> wrote:

> On Monday 02 March 2009, Ingo Molnar wrote:
> > If you want to work on genirq threaded IRQ handlers them please
> > check out and test the threaded IRQ handlers patches that are
> > being worked on at lkml. See:
> >
> > [patch 0/4] genirq: add infrastructure for threaded interrupt handlers V2
> I did check them out, as noted earlier in this thread.
> The significant omission is lack of support for chaining
> such threads. Example, an I2C device that exposes
> several dozen IRQs with mask/ack/... operations that
> require I2C access.

Well, those are rarely used, embedded-only constructs - the main
focus of IRQ threading patches are the more common patterns.

Since you care about them - could you please send patches on top
of the IRQ threading patches to add support for them?



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