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    SubjectRe: /proc/sys/net/ip*/conf/all/* does not actually affect interfaces
    also sprach martin f krafft <> [2009.03.02.1327 +0100]:
    > A bit of investigation shows that something fishy is going on, or
    > at least it's unexpected to me, because I recall the conf/all/*
    > interface to do what it promised to do a while ago. Not anymore
    > though.

    Sorry for being an idiot and not including the important data: this
    happens on Debian kernels 2.6.24-.28 across several machines.
    I checked the Debian diff but could not find anything that seems
    related, and I reproduced it with 2.6.29-rc6-git5.


    martin | |

    the security, stability and reliability of a computer system
    is reciprocally proportional to
    the amount of vacuity between the ears of the admin.

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