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    SubjectRe: nonboot cpu on SMP suspend
    On Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 3:04 PM, chen gong <> wrote:
    > Rafael J. Wysocki 写道:
    >> On Wednesday 18 March 2009, Li Yang wrote:
    >>> Hi all,
    >>> I'm curious why we need to un-plug all the nonboot cpus before suspend
    >>> and start them all over again after the suspend(ACPI sleep)?  I mean
    >>> if we can bring the booting cpu back to the exact state as before
    >>> suspend, why can't we just do the same for non-booting cpus?  And that
    >>> will be much faster.  Any thought?  Thanks.
    >> Because we need to enter the BIOS with one CPU on-line only.
    > You mean only one CPU can be supported by BIOS when suspend/resume ?

    If so, is it a defect of x86 BIOS? And is it true that for other
    architectures without a BIOS there won't be such a limitation if the
    boot code is sane? Thanks

    - Leo
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