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    SubjectRe: ftruncate-mmap: pages are lost after writing to mmaped file.

    On Thu, 19 Mar 2009, Jan Kara wrote:
    > >
    > > Ahh, so you re-created it? On ext2 only, or is it visible on ext3 as well?
    > > I've not even tested - I assumed that I would have to boot into less
    > > memory and downgrade my filesystem to ext2, which made me hope somebody
    > > else would pick it up first ;)
    > In thread I've reported similar problem
    > - write lost. I'm able to reproduce under UML linux at will. ext3 takes
    > with 1KB blocksize about 20 minutes to hit the corruption, ext2 with 1 KB
    > blocksize about an hour, ext2 with 4KB blocksize several hours...

    Hmm. I can't seem to recreate it with Ying Han's testprog, at least.
    That's with the fs/buffer.c patch applied, but that shouldn't matter since
    Nick reports that his (roughly equivalent) patch didn't help.

    I'll continue to run it for a while, but it's been going for about an hour
    now, with vmstat reporting bo/bi at roughly 5-10MB/s pretty continuosly.

    Of course, that's with my SSD's and an insanely fast Nehalem box, so my
    timings are likely rather different from most other peoples.


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