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    SubjectRe: Required sequence to set wireless parameters?
    On Thursday 19 March 2009, Johannes Berg wrote:
    > Wext is a mess, and we've known that for a long time... But no, the
    > sequence should _not_ be required, it's just _easier_ for the kernel,
    > and as such has a better probability of succeeding if there are
    > problems, it should still work though.
    > However, one thing that will _not_ work is this:
    > iwconfig wlan0 essid xyz
    > iwconfig wlan0 key s:xyz
    > you still need:
    > iwconfig wlan0 ap any
    > or anything similar after setting the key to trigger the kernel to do
    > something.

    OK. Thanks for the info.

    > > Reason I ask is that for example when writing wireless support for
    > > e.g. a distro installation system, it seems most logical to *first*
    > > ask the user what network (ESSID) he wants to connect to. Next to
    > > check if we can connect to that network without additional
    > > authentication and only then, if needed, ask for keys etc.
    > > If it's not possible to set that info in that logical order that
    > > seems rather restrictive to me and would probably mean that you'd
    > > have to reset AP, ESSID and possibly other settings before each
    > > incremental attempt.
    > That's a pretty wrong argument, nothing says your software cannot
    > collect all the information and then give it to the kernel at once
    > later, I think... In fact, this is required anyway when you use RSN or
    > WPA (wpa_supplicant needs all information at once), for example.

    Well, the thing is that we'll already have tried just setting essid to
    check if it's an open network. However, I can see the point of needing to
    set the essid _again_ after asking the key info and setting that.

    I can also see how you might have to unset some settings in some cases,
    for example if the NIC has already associated with the wrong network
    (e.g. because there's a totally open network in range).

    Our current logic (in Debian Installer) definitely needs improving and
    these pointers will help. Thanks.

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