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SubjectRe: w35und driver unusable
just rmmod and modprobe it will trigger the oops.

I've just upload a oops snapshot picture onto flickr:

hope it will help for you.

2009/3/18 Pekka Enberg <>:
> Hi!
> (off-list)
> On Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 5:43 AM, luoyi <> wrote:
>> Wow,  thanks for your advice. and I can get it work now after I set my
>> wireless AP's channel to 1 and mode to "b/g auto".
>> 3 problems:
>> 1. it can only work with 802.11b mode
>> 2. rmmod w35und
>>   modprobe w35und
>>   Kernel Panic
>> 3. after it get IP address with dhcpcd, if I execute iwlist scan, then
>> it will lose the connection and never restore again, the only way make
>> it work again is to restart my computer.
> Just to let you know, I am traveling right now and dont have my laptop
> with me. I wont be able to look at the issues until next week but
> please do post the oops as requested in the other email so other
> people can take a look at it meanwhile.
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